How much do you know about Eurovision rehearsals from the past 10 editions?

02 de maio de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
02 05 2017

When did they close first rehearsals to press members?

Who almost fell during the rehearsal because 2008 floor was too slippery?

Which two artists choked during their rehearsals?

Since we had jury back to Eurovision, when did the second dress rehearsal become the 'jury final'?

Which artist threw her shoes on her partner during their rehearsals?

Which artist fell while climbing a wall during the rehearsals?

Which host did a funny version of a competing song during the rehearsals?

When did started publishing rehearsals' videos?

Which artist almost showed her boobs by accident during the rehearsal?

Who was a stand-in singer during Eurovision 2013 and, the next year, was invited to take part of Melodifestivalen?

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