Tayanna: I took the result of my last year’s participation as my victory

She will be competing on Vidbir next saturday

15 de Fevereiro de 2018 - por Fabiana Silva
15 02 2018

Versão em Português em breve

1. You finished second in Vidbir last year, tied with the winners O.Torvald. Do you think you could bring a better result for Ukraine in Eurovision?

A: I believe in a destiny and the fact that the fate disposes of it as necessary. Apparently, last year it was needed for O.Torvald to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest. Perhaps, last year I was not completely ready to fulfill this mission. I hope that this year fate will throw me a favor and I will represent Ukraine in Lisbon. I believe in it.

2. You had some problems during the final, especially with some high notes. How did you feel during your performance? If you could turn back time, would you do something different?

A: What would I do differently? I’d spend more time on sleeping and try to be less nervous! Since last year excessive distress affected my health. Psychosomatics worked. I had severe problems with the vocal chords. On the day of the finals I woke up and couldn’t say a word! Doctors helped me. In every possible way they helped to restore at least a bit of my voice. This time I’ll take into account last year’s experience and won’t be that worried. Now I understand that there is no sense in being nervous, distress doesn’t help. I want to get on the stage and enjoy it.

3. Who were Tayanna one year ago and who are you right now? Which experiences will you use from your 2017 participation in your 2018 participation?

A: TAYANNA last year and TAYANNA now – it’s the same personality, but feeling differently. I took the result of my last year’s participation in the selection as my victory, because, first of all, I wanted to share my music with people! And I did it and got huge support which is very inspiring! After the selection, I had a very exciting year full of positive events and emotions. And now I’m ready to share my positive energy and the light that’s inside me, again.

4. You’ve just released a new album, Trimay Mene. What do you want to show to the audience with this album? What were your inspiration?

A: All my songs are female lyrics. They are about me. But this album is completely different from the previous one. And not only because all the songs are in Ukrainian. In “Trimai Mene” I try to convey to the public another message. Yes , all my love is put in it, but without suffering and resentment. It is primarily about faith and gratitude of life! My message in the album “Trimay Mene” is to accept the happening events with joy, because they give you important life lessons.

5. You had to choose your song for Vidbir-first, you would sing Kvitka, but it was performed before September 1st. How did your fans react when they found out the song they’ve chosen was ineligible to compete? How did you manage to prepare a new song in such a short time?

A: Yes, unfortunately, due to the strict rules of the contest, I can not perform the song “Kvitka”, which the listeners chose as the contest track. Apparently, it was fate. It was not easy to find a new song, but in stressful situations the organism is turned on fully, using spare resources, and creates something new and interesting. So it happened with the song “Lelya”. I never had such a song, it is different from all those that I created earlier. It’s driving, cool. I’m sure that it is “Lelya” which will charge the audience with positive and to which incendiary rhythm not only Europe but the whole world will be dancing!

6. What can we expect from your new entry and your performance?

A: It will be fun! This is something that I can say for sure.

7. You may not be the only artist coming back this year- for example Melovin was preparing a song for it. Do you think this new national final method, combined with Jamala’s victory, made artists feel like trying to represent Ukraine? What is taking part of it means to you and to your career?

A: This year I have something to say to listeners via music. Eurovision is a great contest to share the creativity with a lot of people, far beyond Ukraine. No matter how things develop, I will be glad to meet new people, gain new experiences and will continue to move forward, write new songs and present them to listeners.

8. Send a message to Brazilian fans.

A: I really hope that you will like my song! According to its musical message, it is as hot as the Brazilian people. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I crave to go to your country and see your carnival. It seems to me that in a past life I lived somewhere in your land, because I have a Brazilian body (laughs). This is first of all. Secondly, I love to dance, I love the sun, the sea, the beach. And, of course, I’m crazy about Brazilian music!

ESCpedia wishes Tayanna the best, not only during Vidbir 2018, but also in her career and her life. Lelya made us dance and we hope she can make everyone at Altice Arena dance with her too 😉

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