Sunstroke Project: “Certanly now we are working on next coming epic dance”

They want to go back to Eurovision

05 de Fevereiro de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
05 02 2017

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Sunstroke Project1) Anton and Sergey, you met in army and then decided to do music together. What can you tell us about your time in army and how you could share your time between it and music.

Sergey Stepanov: Our time in the army we remember as bright and careless period in our life, because all the decisions were made by our top-brass. But between drill and marching we with Anton were dreaming about how to earn a lot of money and become famous (laughing) and decided that the music is the easiest way (laughing).

2) Before Sunstroke Project, Anton was an orchestra conductor. How did you decide to change the classical music to electropop? Does classical music still inspire you to do your music?

Anton Ragoza: I have not changed anything, I still remained a classical musician, but which is also composing electropop music. Undoubtedly I’m still listening to classical music, which inspires me a lot.

3) One of your characteristics is the energy. You always go on the stage to be remembered, to give it all. What do you feel when you are performing?

Sergey Yalovitsky: To be honest you likely feel freedom, freedom in music, freedom in creation, because when an artist is staying on a stage and feels that he is on a right place, he just enjoys.

4) We must talk about the huge success of Epic Sax Guy in our country. When you worked on staging of “Runaway”, did you expect this would become a worldwide meme? How does it feel to be famous in countries not related to Eurovision, like Brazil?

SS: Certainly I did not expect, but while staying on a stage we heard stormy applause we were sure that our song will remain in people’s hearts forever. It is very pleasant to know that our music is known and beloved abroad.

Sunstroke Project5) 2017 is your fourth time in O Melodie Pentru Europa. What can you tell us about “Hey Mamma”? Did you compose it thinking about Eurovision?

SS: We were recording next track for our second album and understood that it is perfect for Eurovision format. First of all this composition complies with all musical trends and we are sure that from the first listen people would love this song.

6) Why were Sergey alone during the live auditions (by the way, he did really well)? Now that you are in, what can we expect from your performance during the semifinal? Another epic dance coming?

SY: We decided that during the first audience the most important is vocal part and melody, but all the show we prepared for the final. Certanly now we are working on next coming epic dance and really hope it will become another internet meme (laughing).

7) What’s the first thing that come to your mind when we say Brazil? What do you know about us?

AR: When we say Brasil the first things that come to our mind are anaconda, Amazon river and carnival (laughing).
SY: I’m the only one from our band who’ve been in Rio de Janeiro and the first thing that comes to my mind – very positive people! Also I remember moments when local people were just dancing on the streets. I’m really impressed how Brasil people are open, warm and bright!

8) Send a message to brazilian fans.

We really hope to see you soon! We have a big dream to visit one day our country and to win the love of the public!

ESCpedia team wishes Sunstroke Project the best on O Melodie Pentru Europa and we simply can’t wait for the next epic dance!

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