Leander Kills: “Rock is immortal, so it has a place everywhere”

Estarão na final de hoje à noite

18 de fevereiro de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
18 02 2017

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1) Leander Kills is a new project, that has started in 2015, but you all came from other bands. How did you met and what did you bring from your previous experiences?

A: We all played in different rock and metal bands, and we had fate bring us together. This band is mostly the continuation of my previous six years of songwriting, so basically the first album is a solo album, and we are starting to write the second album as a whole band.

2) In 2015, Leander took part of A Dal as the leader of Leander Rising. Do you expect comparisions between Leander Kills and Leander Rising or even fans confusing both bands? Which are the differences between them two?

A: Because I am the main songwriter and music composer in both bands, basically there isn’t such a huge difference between the bands. Leander Kills is striving to be a less complicated but more melodic and heavier band.

3) One thing we like about A Dal is the diversity – we have rock, pop, electro, ballads. What do you think about the competition itself (format, song choices, audience)? How does it feel to be part of it?

I don’t see the Dal as a competition, but an opportunity to reach new people. But I like that it is really about the song itself, because a good song is good in any genre.

4) What can we tell us about “Élet”? What’s the message behind it?

A: The main inspiration for the song Elet was the early passing of one of my best friends. Another impact was that I saw everyone living their lives on the world wide web and virtually, and that people only want to satisfy other people, and forget that the first and most important person they should satisfy is theirselves.

5) You won the first heat, few weeks ago. Did you expect it? Are you feeling more confident now?

A: We also got into the final! We didn’t come here to win, but it is still a huge thing that the audience/fans and the jury is also on our side.

6) We had good results for rock music in Eurovision, like Lordi’s winning in 2006 and maNga’s second place in 2010. Do you think there’s still a place for rock music in Eurovision?

A: Rock music gets little media attention, and actually that isn’t a problem. Because rock-metal music has the most loyal fans. Also, rock is immortal, so it has a place everywhere 🙂

7) Nowadays, we see a lot of songs in english in Eurovision; most of the countries are looking for songs in english, even those like Spain, Serbia and Portugal, that always prefered songs in their native languages. Do you think going in english is a good strategy to reach more people? If you win A Dal, would you change the language of your song to compete in Kiev?

A: For your own country you need to play music in your own language. But globally, the language of music is English. So I think that in the final it is worth it to play the song in English, and if it is really good, then they will listen to it in the original language as well.

8) What’s the first thing that come to your mind when we say Brazil? What do you know about us?

A: Sepultura. We played before them 🙂

9) Send a message to brazilian fans.

A: Life is beautiful, enjoy it!

ESCpedia team wishes Leander Kills a great show tonight in A Dal and we hope they can show eurofans that there is also a place for rock music in Eurovision!

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