Levina: “I’m rehearsing, drinking ginger tea and trying to stay calm”

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03 de maio de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
03 05 2017

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Levina1) You started in music with only nine, having singing and piano classes. How did this willing to study music start and who encouraged you to do it? Why did you chose the piano?

A: At the age of 6 I already sang and invented some songs about butterflies and animals in the garden. But then when I was 9 years old, I actually started my musical education, which was a classical education at first, and I started that because I was in the school choir and the choir leader suggested to my parents to send me to singing lessons, because there could be something there. I always played my piano when I am writing songs, so it’s the instruments I love to compose with. Never stopped doing music since then.

2) When did Isabella become Levina? Why this name? What was your goal with this name change?

A: “Levina” is actually my real middle name. My older sister had a nanny called “Levin”. She really loved that name and persuaded my parents to name me “Levina” as second name. I think that this name turns out to be a really cool artist name.

3) You moved to London to study music. What was your first impression of the city? What are the most valuable things you learned studying there?

A: I just love living in an international metropolis. London is a city of many opportunities and everyone can find something to make his or her dreams come true 🙂 And also the city is very creative and great to make music in.

4) You showed yourself as a versatile singer – you sing pop, electro, funky… Which of these styles do you feel more comfortable with? Why?

A: I feel comfortable with lots of different styles, because I just love singing!

5) What did you think about the format of Unser Song this year? What’s the hardest part of representing your country with a song choosen first by the broadcaster and then by audience?

A: I really liked the format and had fun performing at the show. As a musician it’s fun to get to know new songs, identify with a song and make it your own. The lyrics of “Perfect Life” really appeal to me and I feel very close to the song!

6) Surely, people compared “Perfect Life” with “Titanium”, because of the similar intro. Do you think this kind of comparison is good or bad for you as an Eurovision competitor? What have you been doing to make this song yours?

A: I understand a comparison of the intro, but I am not affected by it, so I just focus on the Song “Perfect Life”. I’ve been really analyzing the lyrics and putting my emotion and experiences in it!

Levina7) Germany got two last places in a row, one of those with ‘zero’ points. What do you think you should do to bring Germany back to its golden years?

A: Mainly I want to have a great experience. I would love to be in the top 10 of course and I hope I can reach the people with my voice. I feel people around Europe are reacting well, but in the end you don’t know for sure and you can’t influence it.

8) How are you preparing yourself to Kiev?

A: I’m rehearsing, drinking ginger tea and trying to stay calm 😉

9) What’s the first thing that come to your mind when we say Brazil? What do you know about us?

A: Carnival 🙂

10) Send a message to brazilian fans.

A: Oi and hello to everyone in Brazil. Thank you for supporting Eurovision. Without you guys the contest wouldn’t be what it is today and I couldn’t make this amazing experience! Thanks so much, enjoy the music and see you in Kiev!

We know it sounds cliché, but ESCPedia team wishes Levina a perfect life and a perfect performance in Kiev!

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