Gabi Tóth: “My passion for folk music is permanent”

She will be in second semi-final, on saturday

10 de fevereiro de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
10 02 2017

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Gabi Tóth Megasztar1) You were only 16 when you finished 3rd in Megasztár. Did you expect going that further in the competition, being so young? How did you deal with the fame and with all the fans?

A: One year earlier was the first season of the Hungarian singing talent show, called Megasztár. The winner of the show was an amazing talent, a wonderful singer called Tóth Vera. My sister. So when I auditioned to the show I was afraid what people will say about the smaller sister – me – but I thought I know what is coming because I saw what happened with Vera. I was wrong. These were the first talent shows in my country. One day to another everyone knew us, I had so many concerts, everything seemed like a fairytale, but sometimes it was scary, there were some incidents with the fans, who sometimes went crazy. It surprised me totally. A little bit earlier I was a teenager in a small town and everything changed forever. But a couple months later I tried to create my own music, my own style, find out who am I, what do I wanna represent as an artist. It was twelve years ago. Sometimes it was not easy at all. But it was worth it. I was lucky, I have found my way, and I’m still here. This is not an easy way of living.

2) Your sister is also a singer – Vera Tóth, who also took part of A Dal. Do you share experiences about the competition and about your careers in general?

A: Yes we both tried this competition. I auditioned with my song “Don’t save me” five years ago. Me and my sister call each other every day, we are very close. She was with me last Saturday on the semi-finals. We used to perform together, she is the best duet partner for me on the whole world. In our private life we try to be sisters and not to talk about music business all the time. But of course we share our experiences and we talk about our planes.

3) This time you’re using the name Totova and not Gabi Tóth. Why Totova and how did you become Totova?

A: This is the first song I do not just perform, but I present it as a song writer as well, so it is very important for me. And this is a new music style as well, inspired by Hungarian folk music. So my name is Gabi Tóth of course, but I named this project as Totova, what is a play on words, some kind of nick name of mine. It shows that it is a different kind of music I do now than I did earlier.

4) Your A Dal 2017 attempt is completely different from your previous one (2012) – you’re embracing something very original, with a nice mix of folk and electro. Who had the idea to present this song? How is it for you to sing something that’s not exactly what people expect from you?

When I was very young I fall for folk music for good and it had never changed. As a teenager I was singing and dancing folk for years. As a singer I was performing rock and pop songs as well, but my passion for folk music is permanent. I have found creative associates I love to work with, like Freddie Shuman. The truth is I did not really want to nominate it, but the producer of the song (Lotfi Begi) was very strict, he said we have to try it. I believed him, he represented Hungary on the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with his band, Compact Disco. As far as I see now, it was a good idea…

Totova5) “Hosszú Idők” is one of the biggest hypes of the season – fans are completely crazy about it and they really want you in Kiev. How do you feel about the fact that your song is in hungarian, but there’s a lot of international fans wanting it to win A Dal? Do you feel the same support from hungarian fans?

It is a brand new style, I was afraid what people will say. To change my image and my style completely was maybe a brave decision, but I did it. It is an amazing feeling, that fans internationally are interested about my music and root for me. I got very nice compliments from Hungarian fans and it would be a realized dream to represent my country on ESC’s stage in Kiev. But we still have two rounds this and next Saturday. My song is in the top 18 now and I will do my best to be the one…

6) You were in the ‘heat of death’, I mean, almost all the favorites were in this heat. Does it put an extra pressure on you? What can we expect from your performance?

Two female vocalists are helping me and three amazing male dancers. The boys represents the wicked crows and I’m the little oriole. My dress is simple, I don’t wanna overdo the style.

7) You’re used to singing in hungarian. For those who doesn’t speak hungarian, what’s the message behind your song? if you win A Dal, will you keep the language of your song?

The title means something like: a long long time. The song is about a little bird, an oriole, who wants to sing a song on the most beautiful tree, but the big black crows don’t let her, but she is not giving up, fights and put away the big, wicked birds. It is an allegory and the truth is that the little bird is me. I have started my carrier twelve years ago and it was so hard to reach my goals to prove my talent. Sometimes it is still not easy. No business like show business… The main theme of the song is Hungarian folk music. Maybe the world would easier without the many languages people speak all around the world, but it would be less colorful as well. This song I think works the best way on my mother language and I truly believe that the music, the feelings and the mood makes it work without understanding every word – so I’m not planning to make an English version of the song.

8) You tried to samba in a music video – “The World is Ours- Miénk a világ”, Coke campaign for WC 2014. Was it too hard to dance? Apart from samba, what else do you know about Brazil?

Oh I love samba and I love to dance. I took a part of a celebrity dancing show in Hungary, called Saturday Night Fever. It was the time of my life. I wanna go back to your wonderful country. I have been in Brazil for five minutes. Honestly. I was shooting a show in Argentina eight years ago, we were in a hurry so I did not see anything else just the airport after the landing. So I made a promise myself that one day I will return. I have to see Sao Paulo, to dance at the Carneval in Rio, shipping on the Amazonas, see the jungle – I love the trees and all the animals, the untouched nature, swimming in the ocean. And meet people. As far as I see everyone in Brazil are sooooo beautiful, man and woman as well. Oh and I love to eat! I have to try all your national dishes.

9) Send a message to brazilian fans.

So good for you to live on an amazing land like Brazil. Never loose your passion for life and enjoy every minute of it! And I’m very grateful for the support. Thank you!

ESCpedia team wishes Gabi Tóth and all the team behind this project the best on A Dal and we are waiting for her here in Brasil, so she can eat very good food and show us some samba!

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