ESCPedia talks to Peter Koelbel, from Liechtenstein’s 1FLTV

They are not making their debut in 2017

21 de setembro de 2016 - por Fabiana Silva
21 09 2016

Q: Liechtenstein is trying to do Eurovision since 1976! Where did this interest in the contest come from?

A: Music is of great importance in Liechtenstein and the song contest is a great event to promote the highlights of a small country.

Q: Which are EBU reasons not to accept 1FL as a active member?

A: EBU will accept 1FL. This is not the problem. In order to become a member you have to pay an admission fee and an annual fee. For this money you can take part in song contest and more important in programm exchange. We are only reporting about Liechtenstein and programm exchange has for us no value, therefore are the EBU fees – only for song contest – for us too expensive. We are a private station and we believe that taking part in song contest and presenting Liechtenstein to a multi-million audience must be in the interest of the state and so the state should contribute to the cost of song contest. Up to now, no chance.

Q: How do you see Australia in and Liechtenstein out, as both SBS and 1FL are not active member?

A: I dont know the reasons.

Q: Which are the difficulties for a microstate to take part of a contest like Eurovision?

A: As I mentioned before it is the money. We are a private tv station and we have to refinance our programm out of a market with 37.000 inhabitants.

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