Jana Burčeska: “My friend always tells everyone I was born in Brazil”

She will represent Macedonia

14 de dezembro de 2016 - por Fabiana Silva
14 12 2016

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Jana Burčeska
1) You started your career in 2011, with Macedonian Idol. How was your life before the show? When did you find out you wanted to pursue a music career?

A: Macedonian Idol was my first exposure to a wider audience. Not much changed after, but if I must compare then I would say I was a normal high school gal before. The only difference after the Idol was publicity and people recognizing me on the streets. Prior to the Idol, I took part in an academic choir, singing the soprano, and a few garage school bands. I have been always involved in school plays.

The most responsible for recognizing my talent is my primary school music teacher Angel, and then my high school music teacher Julia opened my appetites for live performance and singing. They helped me a lot and taught me many things and for this I will forever be grateful.

2) How did you become the Macedonian representative for Eurovision 2017? Who had this idea and how was the negotiation between the broadcaster and your team?

A: The National broadcaster made an internal decision. From what I have been told, they decided to work with me because they wanted a young artist with strong work ethics. I’m glad they associated me with those characteristics. There wasn’t much negotiating, they called me to let me know what they have decided and I said yes right away! 🙂

3) Your choice was polemic, mostly because most of the fans are not so familiar with your name, they don’t know much about you. How did you react to this? What are you planning to do to prove you are a great choice for your country?

A: I was expecting both negative and positive reactions. It’s the same way for every elect. I think this is normal and people will keep on talking. They have the right to.

Them not being familiar with my name I don’t consider an issue at all. Many of the Eurovision contestants have debuted on the Eurovision stage or used it as a start off to a bigger career. Let’s take Germany’s 2011 winner – Lena as an example. She was a new name and yet managed to do the best.
What I plan to do is work hard to improve myself on many levels, and eventually prove the skeptics wrong! 🙂

Jana Burčeska
4) Macedonia is not having much success in Eurovision – they only qualified once in the last 9 editions and their best result ever is a 12th place. What do you think your country should do to finally get into a top-10. What do you think you can do to help them getting there?

A: In my opinion, my country needs to be a bit braver when selecting the songs. We need a contemporary sound following the world music trends.
I am pretty confident about my communication skills so leaving a strong impression in press and media could be a great start. I will invest my creative thinking into the visual part of the performance too. I will try to make myself first and foremost fun and appealing for the audience, but will also offer good music!

5) MRKTV is calling for songs. What kind of song do you think is the right one for Eurovision? Which characteristics are you looking for?

A: The Eurovision winners have always been unique. So, the trick is to find the perfect symbiosis of a commercial hit and spice it up with something uncommon, something remarkable. This is what I look for in my potential song too. It is very important for me to be comfortable with the song so I can focus on the stage and dancing too.

6) Do you follow Eurovision? For you, what are the positive and the not so positive points about the contest?

A: I do follow Eurovision, especially as a kid. Me and my friends used to watch it together every year. The best part of the contest is of course the music, the whole audio-video experience.

As for the not so positive points, I can only speak for my country’s experience so far. I think Macedonian performers deserve more continuous support back home, despite the result. After all, they work really, really hard and give their very best.

7) You sang the brazilian hit “Ai se eu te pego” during a festival (Zlatna Bubamara). How did you decide to sing that song? Which difficulties did you find in singing in Portuguese?

A: Should I mention that I spent almost two weeks in Figuera da Foz, Portugal with my choir and picked up some basic Portuguese? 🙂

Ai se eu te pego was a huge hit at the time. So, the organizers decided that I should perform that song together with one other participant in the Macedonian Idol. To be honest, I didn’t face any particular difficulties while learning the song. I just repeated the lyrics the same way Michael Telo pronounced it. I hope I did well. 🙂

8) Apart of “Ai se eu te pego”, what’s the first thing that come to your mind when we say Brazil? What else do you know about us?

A: My first and favorite association to Brazil is my friend Juliana, who is from Brazil, actually. We met in San Diego this summer and had a wonderful time together! She is the most beautiful soul I’ve met and taught me a lot about keeping up the positive attitude towards life. A very, very inspiring person. She always tells everyone I was born in Brazil and thanks to this girl, I learned some Portuguese! Nao mais segredos! Ola eu sou Jana. Eu nasci no Brasil! Eu amo mea amiga brasilera! And my favorite saying – Bejio no ombro! Meaning a kiss on the shoulder. 🙂

I also had a chance to taste some Brazilian food in a restaurant in Downtown San Diego called Fogo de Chao and I loved how they kept on bringing food on the table without ordering! Pork, beef, lamb, chicken, they brought all the food you could wish for! And fried bananas for dessert, of course!

Other very popular associations to Brazil are football and the Carnival, but I’ve already charmed you with my Brazilian knowledge. 🙂

9) Send a message to Brazilian fans.

A: Amigos brasileros muito obrigada! Stay positive, healthy and happy! Listen to good music, love people and always be surrounded with good company! Enjoy life to its fullest, be fair and honest, and the best is yet to come! <3

ESCpedia team wishes Jana Burčeska the best on her Eurovision journey and we can’t wait to listen to her song!

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