Emma: “When I heard “Circle of Light”, I knew “this is the one”!”

UMK final will be on january 28th

18 de Janeiro de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
18 01 2017

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Emma1) You’re a finnish girl living in Sweden. How long have you been living there? Why did you decide to move and how did your life and your career change after this moving?

A: I’ve been living in Stockholm for almost 2 years now. I lived in the same town as I was born in. I saw all of my friends moving away and starting their lives and I thought I need to do the same. I have relatives in Stockholm so I thought it was safe to start somewhere where I knew at least a few people. My life changed completely when I moved here. I became more brave and stronger and I decided to try to make all of my dreams to come true. And here I am now, competing in the UMK!

2) “Circle of Light” was written by important songwriters, who have already worked with big finnish names (Robin, Redrama, Johanna Kurkela, Jari Sillanpää…). How did the song come to your hands and how did you feel when you listened to it for the first time?

A: I called up one of the songwriters who I knew a little from before and asked if she knew anybody who would like to write a song for me and the UMK. The song was completely written for me. I was in Gotland outside of Sweden last summer when I heard the demo for the first time, and when I heard it I instantly knew “this is the one”!

3) You are the fan favorite of 2017, but, most of the times, UMK results are very unpredictable. What are you planning to do to break this paradigm? What can we expect from your performance on Saturday 28th?

A: I try to stay focus on working hard and giving out the best I can for my performance. I hope people will see that and support me. I have focused a lot on the visuals and I hope the results will be great!

4) Last year, there was some kind of polemics with jury vote, as jury was made by Parliament, asphalt constructors, children, youtubers… Do you agree with this kind of jury, made by people not related to music and to Eurovision?

A: Hmm. It’s difficult to say. On one hand they hear the songs from a whole different point of view, but on the other hand I think there should be at least some jurys who knows about the Eurovision!

Emma5) Did you follow past editions of Euroviisut or UMK? Which artists that represented Finland (or tried to) do you admire? Do you remember any particular song?

A: I really liked Mikael Saari and Saara Aalto from previous UMK. But I’m proud of Finnish artists and I think we have great singers. I just think that there have been missing some visuals for previous entries and that is something I have been focusing on for my entry this year.

6) Finland is not the most successful country of Eurovision – they’ve won just once and they’ve been last 10 times. If you were the head of delegation, what would you try to do to change this history and make people vote for your country?

A: Well, I’m actually hoping to see a change this year so! 😉

7) What’s the first thing that come to your mind when we say Brazil? What do you know about us?

A: Football! Amazing weather and Beatuful people! I don’t actually know this, but I’m pretty sure you have amazing food over there as well! I should definitely come over there and try it out!

8) Send a message to brazilian fans.

A: Thank you for all the support I’ve received from you! It truly means the world to me and gives me so much energy and power to continue! I really hope I’ll see you all soon in Brazil and I hope you’ll enjoy this year’s UMK and The Eurovision Song Contest!

ESCpedia team wishes Emma the best for next saturday, on her UMK participantion. We will be watching it, safe in the circle of light!

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