Detach: “It’s never too late to try yourself in something new”

They'll be part of second semi-final, this week

07 de Fevereiro de 2017 - por Fabiana Silva
07 02 2017

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1) Although some fans started following you because of X-Factor, you are an experienced band, being touring throughout Ukraine and abroad, and also playing at major festivals. Can you describe who Detach was before X-Factor and who you are after it? What did you keep and what did you change or improve?

We are still the same guys playing rock music 🙂 When we receive an invitation to participate in X Factor we had no ideas how far it will lead us. We became first rock band who reached X-Factor`s Superfinal globally and we are really happy about it. We could not imagine that our music will find such a warm feedback between Ukrainian audience that’s why we decided to fix our success and sent our application for Eurovision 2017 contest. Moreover, it turns that we had recorded but not released song “Distance” and our decision was pretty obvious. Considering X factor, the most hard part was the camp where we have lived for about 3 month as we had no such experience before. We were like big family with all the happy and sad moments in everyday life. After all, we become stronger, we started to understand each other`s expectations and got to know each other better indeed.

2) During X-Factor, you’ve made a cover of “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, which is a very iconic Eurovision song. Why did you choose that song? How was it for you to sing it live in front of Verka Serduchka (who is a judge of the show)?

It was totally spontaneous decision. We wanted to have fun and to show that rock music can be different from what people expect. Verka Serduchka is just a pseudonym for very talented person Andrey Danilko and it was honor to see his reaction during our performance. On the backstage we met him and understood that usually Andrey is very skeptical about his songs covers, but this time he was pleased with what he have seen.

3) “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” wasn’t your only Eurovision cover during X-Factor, as you sang “Sweet People” together with Alyosha. How was it for you to share the stage with her? Did she give you some advice, even about the european contest?

Performing “Sweet People” with Alyosha was very challenging for us as her voice it is something incredible. We realized that it will be really hard to be on the same level so we put so much efforts to prepare a nice arrangement and made this song a little bit harder than original. Alyosha said that this experiment was really successful as she is a rock music fan as well.
We did not talk about her Eurovision experience as we had no idea that we will send our application this year. Maybe it is a perfect time to call her? 🙂

4) People say that Yulia Sanina, from The Hardkiss, personally asked Konstantin Meladze to invite you to the national final. Have you and Yulia talked about Eurovision before this request? Why did you decide to take part of it?

Everything that you can see on your TV screen during live broadcasts – is just a part of the show. Yulia asked Konstantin if he would be happy to see our application and he obviously agreed. He was happy to see hundreds of applications as starting last year every person or band can submit it. Luckily, during X Factor Konstantin had a chance to understand who is DETACH and how we can perform live, so probably it was one of the reasons we got to semi-finals in Eurovision 2017 🙂

5) When fans think about Ukraine, they think about talented and versatile female singers – your country has never choosen a rock band before. What will you do to make people change this pattern and choose you to represent them? What can we expect from your show?

We are ready to share our music with whole world as we think it is very honest music. It is different from what Eurovision audience used to see and listening to. We are preparing something special for this show. You`ll see 🙂

6) What can you tell us about “Distance”, the song you’re presenting to the national final? What is this song about and how does it represent you as a band?

Our new song “Distance” was written last year. It is our first song about love as it is. About that feeling when you are far away from each other with a loved one, and all that remains – the hope that someday you will see each other again. We did not expect it would have such a great feedback. Such kind of lyrics not really fit to our style as our previous album`s lyrics was full of mostly social issues. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to try yourself in something new.

Detach7) Ukraine is on the spotlight, as they will host the contest this year. Did you see anything different in your country because of it? Is it already possible to feel the Eurovision spirit when you walk around the country?

We must say it is not well seen when you are walking around the city that some huge event is coming, but we hope it will change closer to the event. All we know that the hotels are already mostly booked so it will be nice to welcome lots of foreigners as it was during Euro 2012 🙂

8) What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Brazil? What do you know about us?

😎 Brazil? Nice question 🙂 Сarnivals, women, favelas, Jesus on a hill, football, way too far from Ukraine.

9) Send a message to brazilian fans.

Hey mates! Someday you will see our asses in your country playing at Rock in Rio main stage! No doubts! Be ready and cheers from DETACH!

ESCpedia team wishes Detach the best of luck during Vidbir semi-final and we’d love to be there to see you rocking the stage in Rock in Rio!

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